Frequently Asked Questions

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Membership FAQ   Show All  Hide All

Who can join FGMEA?
“Active” membership is open to full or part-time general music teachers currently employed by Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS). “Associate” membership is available to general music teachers retired from or on a leave of absence from FCPS, and full or part-time general music teachers not employed by FCPS.
How do I join FGMEA?
Go to our Join Page for lots of info on joining FGMEA.
How much does it cost to be a member?
Annual dues for are only $15. Teachers in their first year of employment with FCPS pay only $5. Such a deal!
What are the benefits of an “Active” membership?
There are many! Take a look at our Join Page to learn more.
What is an “Associate” membership?
Associate members may not vote or hold office, but enjoy all the other benefits of Active membership.
Website FAQ   Show All  Hide All

Why can’t I see everything posted on the website?
Some content on the website is accessible only to FGMEA members with a website account. Members must be logged in to see all content.
Do I have a website account, and what is my username?
If you are a current member of FGMEA, you have a user account for this website. Your FGMEA username is the same as your FCPS username. A unique password (different from your FCPS password) was sent to you when your registration was completed.
I lost my password, or I’d like to change it. What should I do?
Click here to quickly reset your password.
What is my username? Can I change my username?
Your username is the same as your FCPS username and cannot be changed. If your FCPS username changes during the school year, drop us a line using the Contact Page.
What is the email address for my account?
We use your FCPS email address for all messages related to this website, including password reset.
I’ve done everything right, but I’m still not happy. What now?
Please send a message via the Contact Page and we’ll find a solution ASAP.
How can I make comments or submit content for the website?
For the quickest response, please use the Contact Page (you knew that!) We would especially love to have photos and videos of our colleagues at FGMEA events.