Choral Festival Co-Chair Needed

The All-County Chorus team is looking for a Festival Co-Chair for the next two years. First read the information below and if you meet the qualifications and are ready to step up to the position, please send the application information to Jennifer Frazier, your current co-chair. The deadline for applying is March 11, 2011. The FGMEA Executive Board, along with the Fine Arts Office, will review all applications.

The All-County Choral Festival chairperson along with the Fine Arts Office and FGMEA Executive Board is in search of a Choral Festival co-chair for the 2012 and 2013 Festivals. The position of Choral Festival co-chair is not one to take lightly, so please read the following “job description” to see if you are the “One” to fill this position.

The following duties are required in accordance with FGMEA:

There shall be two Choral Festival Chairpersons. One of the Choral Festival Chairpersons shall have served in that capacity at least one time previously. This position is a consecutive 2 year commitment. In cooperation with the Fine Arts Office, the Choral Festival Chairpersons shall:

  • Set dates and secure a suitable site for the county-wide rehearsals and the concert.
  • With Board approval, secure a clinician and an accompanist for Festival, and make any necessary transportation and housing arrangements for said clinician and accompanist.
  • Coordinate all site and county-wide rehearsals.
  • Communicate information regarding rehearsal, music preparation, regulations, procedures, dress, and selection process to participating teachers.
  • Remain in communication with the Fine Arts Office and the FGMEA Executive Board.
  • With the help of a Music Selection Committee, choose music for the Festival.Organize a county-wide in-service to rehearse Festival music with the clinician.

In addition to the FGMEA bylaws, the individual shall also:

  • Have 5+ years experience teaching elementary choral and general music.
  • Have 5+ years involvement in Choral Festival in some capacity.
  • Attain membership in FGMEA.
  • Attend monthly FGMEA Executive Board meetings.
  • Collaborate closely with current Festival co-chair.

If you are interested in the 2012/2013 Choral Festival Co-chair position, please email Jennifer Frazier with:

  • your name
  • job title/location
  • daytime and evening phone numbers
  • brief description as to why you would be a good fit for the job

Thank you for taking the time to consider this wonderful opportunity!

Jennifer Frazier