FGMEA Mini-Grants Awarded

Congratulations to Jenni Lucas and Dori Eggan who have each been awarded FGMEA mini-grants to support the general music programs at their schools.  Read on to learn how students at Graham Road and Brookfield will benefit from the unique and creative proposals submitted by their music teachers.

Jenni Lucas at Graham Road ES received a grant award for her Appalachian Dulcimer Kit project. She will buy fifteen dulcimer kits, which will be built by selected upper elementary students. These dulcimers will be played by partners as they pair and share during focus lessons. Students will practice, be assessed, and selected students may accompany student performances. Students in grades one through six will also learn to play simple accompaniments for songs, dances, recorder pieces, and instrumental melodies. Lucas explained that use of the dulcimers throughout grades K – 6 shows her spiral curriculum approach to education. The dulcimer is ideal for accompaniment, as it is soft and simple, encouraging students to sing in tune and in head voice. Older students can accompany younger singers, which will build and showcase collaboration in the school community.

Dori Eggan at Brookfield ES also received a grant award for her Behind the Scenes project, as she collaborates with a local community music and dance organization, Encore Theatrical Arts Project (ETAP). Second and third grade students will receive an introductory lesson to live theater, followed by small group work, as students design their own mini-performances of known fairy tales. Students will take a field trip to see a live stage performance, which will include a backstage tour at ETAP. The artistic director of the theater will visit the school and work with students as they begin a small-group story-writing project. Students will write stage directions, create choreography, and compose a song. Feeder high school and middle school students will assist production during a mini-workshop, and finally, the student musical production will be performed for the school grade level, parents, teachers, and ETAP community.