The Longest Months

by Rachel Grimsby, Fort Hunt ES

The months of February, March, and April tend to be a teachers hardest (and longest) months of instruction. Our days are filled with meetings that may or may not pertain to us, ECART and SOL speak seem to be the focus of the building, meanwhile we specialist fear the constant threat of snow interfering with our already abbreviated instructional days and rehearsals. It is so important during these months that we focus on our purpose; our students.

Remind yourself each day that YOU may very well be the reason for a student making it to school each day. Remind yourself each day that YOU bring joy into your students’ lives and into your buildings. Finally, remind yourself each day to do something for YOU. Whether it be going to the gym, having a piece of chocolate, or reading one chapter of your favorite book, take time to do one thing that renews you. Before we know it June will be here, and the end to another amazing school year. Happy Musicing!